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Design Registration Process Company

Jcs Acquistive Infotech performing the registration services through legal compliance and qualified procedures only. Being the loyal company, the motive of the company is to facilitate the clients with the doorstep services to avail the monopoly on their write ups and designs.
Apart from logos, copyrights, patents, styles are registered so it couldn't be used or exploited by competitors or others. Jcs Acquistive Infotech is a well-known registration consulting company offering professional services at reasonable cost.

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What is Design?

A style are some things that is in form, configuration, pattern, style, a mix of lines or colours, style, pattern or a kind of composition applied to a web site, article, book, in any form by an industrial process or means. Here, the design does not include the way of construction, trading or property, artistic work etc. it doesn't include any trademark or logo, or substance of mechanical device.

Why is Design Registration performed?

Designs are again the efforts of the creator and every business person or performer would like to save his or her endeavor. Design Registration is completely different from the patent registration. It is not an alternative or patents but is supplement protection. The advantages of getting registration are:

What are the limitations of Design Registration?

If registration protects of being misused , however it indulges some limitation also like- It protects the pattern or options that are in traditional use not the strategy of operation

The validity of Design Registration?

The design registration is valid up to 10 years though it can be extended further for next 5 years. Thus the total time period counts to be 15 years as a whole.

What are the chances of refusal or cancellation of registration of a design?

It is not a guarantee of registration as high court or controller of patents may cancel the registration on the following grounds-

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